Alyson Cardenas

👋 Hey, I’m Alyson. 

I’m a designer based in New York City. 

I’m currently working as a product designer at Axios, building and maintaining products and design systems. Previously at Hearst, Brooklyn Academy of Music. 

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Axios: Mobile app revamp

Project overview


Axios is a news website with a mission of efficient news worthy of user’s time, attention and trust. They cover local news, politics, health, media and more.

This work covered a light redesign of the Axios mobile app and spanned eight weeks to ideate, conceptualize and prototype a new digital experience. 

The challenge

How might we improve engagement via support of user personalization and discoverability throughout our mobile app? 


Providing readers with smarter content recommendations based on industry. Increasing logins with the introduction of Single Sign-On. Acting on Axios’ mission statement by delivering, at-a-glance, the most important news of the day. Developing a new discovery experience to support the breadth of Axios’ content.